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Invoice Reports

A variety of reports are available to be included with the invoice. These reports are designed to support your secure shredding program with options for both summary and detailed information. Iron Mountain offers alternate invoice report delivery methods including the Iron Mountain Connect portal and monthly electronic downloads via e-mail.

The most common invoice report included with your invoice is the Billing/Activity Report shown below. This report lists a description of each type of transaction, the total quantity for each type of transaction, and the total amount due. This report can be provided for multiple accounts, one customer account, each division, or each department - and is most useful for tracking summary level information for shredding services.

[ Click Here to Enlarge Billing/Activity Report ]

Billing/Activity Report

Shredding Center located on the Iron Mountain Connect portal offers Secure Shredding customers access to:

  • Service activity reports
  • Financial reports

The Totals Report lists the total charges for all accounts, divisions, or departments within your organization. This report is most often used by customers who want a summary view of how the invoice charges are allocated. This data will provide you with the information for applying charges internally by division or department (cost center). This data view is also available as a download which can be e-mailed to you monthly.

[ Click Here to Enlarge Totals Report ]

Totals Report

The Detail Billing Transaction Report provides order level information for those customers that require this level of detail. You can view this information online using the Iron Mountain Connect portal, or you can request this report electronically via e-mail.

[ Click Here to Enlarge Detail Billing Transaction Report ]

Detail Billing Transaction Report