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Access to Online Invoice Services

Introducing Invoice Gateway, an online portal with features that will make payment processing, access to invoices, and invoice reports easier and more flexible. Here are some of the features of Invoice Gateway:

  • Archive Portal - Provides access to invoices to view or download PDF copies of your invoices, as well as access to preformatted invoice data files to download.
  • Payment portal - Provides the ability to view your outstanding balance per invoice, process payments online, and set up payment scheduling capabilities.


These new invoicing services will be introduced to all customers between October 2012 and August 2013. We ask for your patience as we roll out these new services over the upcoming months. Step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for Invoice Gateway will be included as insets when you receive your new invoice.

This section is designed to help you enroll your organization's Administrator in Invoice Gateway. PLEASE NOTE THAT ACCESS TO INVOICE GATEWAY REQUIRES RECEIPT OF THE NEW INVOICE FORMAT.

Click here for step by step instruction to enroll your organization's Administrator in Invoice Gateway, Iron Mountain's Invoice Archive and Payment Portal.

[ Click Here to Open Invoice Gateway Enrollment Guide ]

Invoice Gateway Enrollment