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Invoice Information

In addition to the explanation of our service and billing practices found throughout this website, this section is designed to help you better understand the charges that appear on your invoice.

The first page of your Invoice is the Remittance Copy, which provides summary level information you need to remit payment to Iron Mountain. When paying your Iron Mountain Invoice, the Remittance Copy should be included with your payment. If you do not include the Remittance Copy with your payment, it is important that you include at least one invoice number on your check. The second page of the invoice is the Customer Copy, an exact replica of the Remittance Copy, which you should retain for your records.

[ Click Here to Enlarge Remittance Page ]

How to Read Your Invoice
  1. DUE DATE The date your payment is due to Iron Mountain.
  2. REMITTANCE ADDRESS Address where all payments must be sent to ensure prompt application to your account.
  3. CUSTOMER ID Unique identification assigned to your account. You should indicate your Customer ID on all correspondence and inquiries you make to Iron Mountain, including payments.
  4. INVOICE RANGE Corresponds to each Invoice on the Billing/Activity Report. Please include this information on your payment.
  5. DUE NOW The amount due for this Invoice. This amount does not include any Past Due charges.
  6. FINANCE CHARGE AFTER DUE DATE Interest charge applied if invoice is not paid by due. date.
  7. PAY THIS AMOUNT AFTER DUE DATE Invoice amount plus finance charge.
  8. CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION Certification language displays on the Invoice Remittance and Customer Copy pages for those customers that have shredding-specific orders included on the Invoice.
  9. IRON MOUNTAIN CONTACT INFORMATION The name and phone number of an Iron Mountain Billing Representative who can answer your questions, quickly and accurately.