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Additional Services

Project Destruction
Iron Mountain offers additional shredding services for customers that require episodic materials destruction on an-ad hoc basis. These services are quoted on a per project basis for events such as file room purges, facility relocations, completion of an audit or litigation matter and or permanent destruction of documents that have reached the end of their retention schedule.

Secure (Plastic) Media Destruction
Secure Media Destruction provides a secure method for destroying certain non-paper based materials to a non recoverable form via high heat incineration and or granulation processing. Examples of acceptable materials can include microfiche/film, X-Rays, video tapes, CDs, gift cards, etc. When destroyed via the high heat destruction method these materials are reduced to a particle size small enough to render the information un-readable and un-recoverable. Iron Mountain is not NAID Certified for Media, Plastic, eWaste or Computer Hard Drive destruction services, which adhere to Iron Mountain's internal standards for Secure Media Destruction.

Secure Media Destruction projects are quoted on an individual project basis.