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Your business demands that you are able to access the right information when and where needed - safely, securely, and accurately. To that end, Iron Mountain's transportation services allow you to tailor both the service timeframe as well as the exact pickup/delivery point for each request.

In either case, Iron Mountain can accommodate your needs through Iron Mountain Connect™ - our online customer portal. Through Iron Mountain Connect, you can specify information about each Carton or File and be confident that you will be able to easily locate your required information when you need it.

The following provides an overview of your transportation service options and their billing implications.

Delivery Services
There are two types of regular delivery services, Half Day Deliverytooltip
and Next Day Deliverytooltip. The transportation fees for these service levels differ based upon the service timeframe requested.

In those cases where you need service outside our regular delivery, you may request a Rush Servicetooltip. Rush options include Rush Delivery - Business Daytooltip or Rush Delivery - Weekends/Holidays/After Hourstooltip. These expedited service options will ensure that you receive your requested information in a faster timeframe.

Note that when a rush transportation service is selected, the Retrievaltooltip service charge that accompanies the Trip Chargetooltip is elevated to a Rush Retrievaltooltip service as well. For more explanation of this, please see the service definitions in the Glossary.

Certain transportation services may be completed outside of Business Hourstooltip. Iron Mountain makes best efforts to complete Transportation Services as scheduled. Traffic, weather, and other conditions beyond our control may prevent us from meeting the scheduled transportation timeframe.