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Open Shelf Storage

In some cases, storing files in Cartonstooltip might not be practical and you may prefer to have your files stored in an open shelf configuration. Iron Mountain provides this service upon request. Open Shelf Storagetooltip provides flexibility and is more suitable for storage of Filestooltip that have a high retrieval activity and/or when destruction processing needs to be done on a File by File basis rather than as an entire Carton of Files. Open Shelf Storage programs can be particularly useful for medical patient records, legal case Files, mortgage and loan Files, and other case based records.

Charges for Open Shelf File Storage
Open Shelf Storage charges are based upon the Linear Footagetooltip of shelf space allocated to a customer program or File series and not to the Linear Footage of actual Files in storage. Because storage charges are based on allocated versus utilized storage, the Retrievaltooltip, Permanent Withdrawaltooltip, or Archival Destructiontooltip of Files will not automatically alter your allocated storage. Should your Open Shelf Storage needs exceed your allocated space, we will automatically increase your allocation to accommodate the growth. When your program needs change, you can request a Consolidation Projecttooltip to consolidate your allocated Linear Feet of shelf space and to reduce your storage charges.

Storage charges for Open Shelf Storage are shown on your invoice as “Storage - LF.tooltip

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