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New Invoice Update

At Iron Mountain, we're focused on providing excellent service every day. We're listening to your feedback and we are continuing to make improvements to our Invoicing services. We hope you like the changes we’ve made so far to improve your experience with us!


We are very happy to have introduced a new invoice recently. The new design will make your invoice easier to read and pay. In addition to the new invoice, we also introduced new online services, called Invoice Gateway. This is an online portal to help make payment processing, access to invoices, and invoice reports easier and more flexible. Here are some of the features of Invoice Gateway:

  • Archive Portal. Provides access to invoices to view or download PDF copies of your invoices, as well as access to preformatted invoice data files to download.
  • Payment portal. Provides the ability to view your outstanding balance per invoice, process payments online, and set up payment scheduling capabilities.


  • Proceed to
  • Select the Enroll Now tab and fill in the appropriate information in the form.
  • Once you’ve completed the form, be sure to select the Enroll button to complete your enrollment.
  • An activation email will be sent automatically to the email address you registered on the enrollment form.
  • Once activated, you will be able to sign in to Invoice Gateway from the homepage by clicking the Sign In tab.

For more detailed information about this process, please see the Access to Online Invoice Services tab in the navigation pane on the left side of this page.