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Carton Types - Use of Standard Archive Carton

Iron Mountain stores records in Cartons tooltip of all sizes and types. However, for efficient storage and optimum protection of customer records we encourage the use of a Standard Archive Carton tooltip (click here to see table ).

The most popular Carton type we store is the Standard Archive Carton. Designed to be used for a half drawer of letter or legal files, this carton provides superior protection of customer records in transit and resists crushing during long term storage. Other types of Cartons are less efficient to store and often are too heavy when loaded to protect your records in long term storage. Additionally they can present a risk for employees who handle them.

Iron Mountain will rebox any Carton that it deems to be damaged such that it is no longer capable of protecting your records or presents a risk of injury to employees. (See Carton Integrity Standardstooltip ).

All net new incoming boxes must have an RFID label applied to the box. You can ensure your boxes are prepared through one of the following ways:

  • Buy an RFID-ready box from Iron Mountain that comes pre-applied with an RFID label
  • Buy any Iron Mountain box – it will come with an RFID label to apply to the box (while all boxes transition to RFID-ready)*
  • Buy RFID labels and apply them to another box type

RFID labels provide you with a more digital way of working and an easy path to information governance. You can quickly and repeatedly audit your inventory through the use of RFID, automating your process. All box types come with a built in zip tie hole, giving you additional protection of your information. See our box quick reference guide for information on all boxes. Also learn more about these new boxes here and view our How-to: Prepare Boxes for Pickup guide.

*X-ray box not included, an RFID label must be purchased for this box