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Full Month's Storage Charge

Cartonstooltip in Iron Mountain's custody for any day within a month are charged a full month's storage for that month. Storage charges are not prorated for a partial month. Since storage is billed monthly in advance, on the first invoice following the month in which a Carton is received for storage, the invoice will show a charge for the month received (in arrears) (shown as “Storage, Newtooltip” on your invoice) and for the next month (in advance) (shown as “Storage, Regulartooltip” on your invoice). After the first month, only one month's storage charge will apply for that Carton.

Conversely, on the invoice for the month in which the Carton is processed as an Archival Destructiontooltip or Permanent Withdrawaltooltip, the storage volume will be reduced by the volume of the Cartons processed through the Archival Destruction or Permanent Withdrawal order and no storage charge shall apply for that Carton on that month's invoice.

Monthly Carton storage will appear on your invoice as “Storage, Regular.”

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