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Carton Storage Billing - Cubic Foot Determination

Iron Mountain's records storage facilities are configured for the efficient storage of the Standard Archive Cartontooltip. Our operating processes, costs, and pricing have been modeled around the Standard Archive Carton. (Click here document for the most common Cartontooltip types.) Each Carton type, including the Standard Archive Carton, varies in dimensions based upon manufacturer, style of design, weight of loading, and normal wear-and-tear from storage and retrieval.

Iron Mountain determines the Cubic Footagetooltip of a Carton for billing purposes based on several factors: the displaced volume of facility and shelf space used in relation to the Standard Archive Carton, loaded weight, legacy conventions agreed upon with our customers, and past practices used by predecessor storage providers that we have acquired.

Click here for the table document that summarizes the characteristics of the three most common Carton types stored at Iron Mountain. Most Cartons received for storage are assigned to one of these three categories based on functional equivalence and approximate dimensions; Cubic Footage for billing purposes is then determined respectively. All other Carton types and Deposits received for storage are assigned a specific Cubic Footage for billing purposes at time of receipt based upon their size, weight, loading efficiency and other factors affecting space utilization and handling difficulty.