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Carton Storage

Carton storage is our most common method for storing archival documents and, for most records, provides the perfect balance between cost effective storage of documents and their efficient, timely access.

Ensuring Timely and Accurate Access
When designing your records management program, a key initial decision to make is whether to index your records at the Cartontooltip level or at the Filetooltip level. Each method has benefits. For records that require very exact searching and retrieval, File level indexing - called Individual Listingtooltip - may be appropriate. But in other cases, in particular when you typically will be retrieving entire Cartons versus individual Files, describing your records at the Carton level may be more appropriate.

In either case, Iron Mountain can accommodate your needs through Iron Mountain Connect™ - our online customer portal. Through Iron Mountain Connect, you can specify information about each Carton or File and be confident that you will be able to easily locate your required information when you need it.

We can also accommodate those cases where you would prefer that Iron Mountain perform data entry of Cartons or Files. Please note that the data entry of Files is a separate charge that will appear on your invoice as “Individual Listing-IM.”

Data Compliance
Many customers realize that a core component of a good records management program is the quality of their inventory descriptions. As such, Iron Mountain provides tools and services that can help manage the quality of your inventory data. The following are available:

  • Iron Mountain Connect™. In those cases where users key descriptive information for records into Iron Mountain Connect, you can establish data entry rules to require the data entry of specific fields. For example, perhaps you would like to make sure that when users are describing records they always include a description or Department Code or Record Code. By establishing these rules, Iron Mountain Connect will enforce compliance to your policy.
  • Data Entry Compliance Services. In cases where Iron Mountain is doing data entry on your behalf, you can request that Iron Mountain perform validation services for record descriptions. In this model, Iron Mountain data entry personnel can validate that forms are received with required information such as Department Code, Record Code, descriptions, or date ranges. Should we receive a form that is not in compliance with your program, we will contact you to resolve the situation. For more on this process, see Data Entry Compliance Procedures.
  • Customized Data Compliance Programs. Have a custom data compliance need? We may be able to help. Iron Mountain may be able to provide a custom data validation program that meets your specific needs.

For more information on setting up data compliance capabilities or to find out if a custom data entry compliance program is the right fit for your organization, please contact your Account Manager or contact Iron Mountain's Customer Response center.

Data Entry Compliance Procedures

In cases where you have elected to utilize Data Entry Compliance Services, Iron Mountain will use the following procedure in cases where items are received that lack required information:

  • Iron Mountain data entry personnel will contact you within 72 hours after box receipt if no data has been supplied, or 24 hours after the data has been entered to alert you of the data compliance issue. If we are able to reach you at this time, we will work with you over the phone to correct the issue. Otherwise, we will leave you a message asking you to contact us so we can resolve the data exception. Note that record updates performed by Iron Mountain will appear as Computer Record Changetooltip on your invoice. It is Iron Mountain's policy that record updates performed due to an Iron Mountain error will not be charged to the customer.
  • Should the issue not be resolved over the next 5 days, we will contact you again.
  • Should the issue not be resolved by 15 days after receipt of the item, Iron Mountain will close the issue.

In some cases, the closure of an exception may have billing implications. For example, if you are allocating inventory charges to your departments, Iron Mountain requires the presence of a valid Department Code in order to properly bill you for services rendered. Should we manually close an exception for items in this category, fees associated for the item will be allocated to the Department specified on the Pickup order.

In cases where the exception is related to a Record Code and the exception is manually closed by Iron Mountain, these items will be assigned to a “NORECCD” Record Code (“No Record Code Provided by Customer”) with destruction disposition of Permanent (which will prevent the premature destruction of this item until the issue is resolved). To help you review these items, you can request the regular delivery of a report that identifies items assigned to the “NORECCD” category.