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Special Transportation Requests & Charges

Should you have a transportation need not covered by our standard transportation options, please contact our Customer Care team to learn about available transportation options and costs.

Transportation Service Charges
Transportation services are shown on your invoice as a Trip Chargetooltip and as a Handling Chargetooltip.

The Trip Charge represents the base cost of making the Transportation Visittooltip itself. Each Trip Charge shown on your invoice will note the service level requested. For example, “Trip Charge - Rush.”

Trip Charges may include additional applicable charges based on distance from an Iron Mountain facility or your presence in certain zip codes. The table below contains these distance-based, and metro-zone charges. While a Trip Charge may reflect either of these charges, no service location will be assessed both distance and metro-zone charges for the same Transportation Visit.

To illustrate the effect of these distance and metro-zone charges, consider Corp XYZ with a previous Trip Charge of $30 and two service locations: Location One in the Seattle, WA and Location Two located 60 miles away from an Iron Mountain facility. Assuming no change in last year’s rate of $30, Location One’s revised Trip Charge of $35 will appear as "Trip Charge, Zone Metro" and Location Two's revised Trip Charge of $46 will appear as "Trip Charge, Zone 2" on Office XYZ's Schedule A and invoice.

Charges based on distance from an Iron Mountain facility and metro-zone are calculated using the following table:

Zone Distance Additional Charge(/trip)
1 0-50 miles $0
2 51-75 miles $16
3 76-100 miles $22
4 >100 miles $28
Zone Metro NA $5
Zone Metro NY NA $12

A complete list of the zip or postal codes included in the above metro markets can be found here.