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Enhancing the Security of Your Records While in Transit

At Iron Mountain, our primary focus is on providing accurate, timely service that safeguards your important information.

Iron Mountain has adopted security procedures and technology to help secure your media in transit. This includes our InControl™ technology platform. InControl ensures the protection of information while it is in transit with patent-pending security, real-time tracking, and auditable chain of custody.

We ask that you cooperate with our representatives as our procedures require the acknowledgement of each transportation service by signing our scanners or forms upon completion of the service. Iron Mountain cannot be responsible for transported Items unless receipt is confirmed through this process.

Because we realize that quality employees drive quality service, Iron Mountain screens our representatives through background checks. Transportation services are normally performed by Iron Mountain personnel using company vehicles. However, we also utilize third party transportation services.

Program Services are outlined in your Pricing Schedule. For definitions of terms used in the Pricing Schedule, see Glossary.

For additional services not included on your Pricing Schedule, see Additional Services.