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Invoice Information

Your new Iron Mountain Data Protection and Recovery Invoice is designed to be concise and easy-to-read. The numbered key and sample invoice shown below explain various entries and sections of a typical invoice.

Please note that the first page of your invoice clearly indicates the Invoice Number, Payment Terms, and Due Date (number 4 in the sample invoice) as well as Iron Mountain Contact Information (number 3). When paying your Iron Mountain Invoice, please include the detachable Remittance Advice (number 6) with your payment. If you do not include the Remittance Advice, it is important that you include the invoice number on your check. For more information about how to read your invoice, please contact your Iron Mountain Account Manager.

1. Customer Information. Includes:

  • Customer Site ID - a unique identifier assigned to an account. An invoice may include more than one customer account.
  • Company Name - as it appears in our records.
  • Iron Mountain Price Schedule determining your fees.
  • Your Purchase Order (PO) number(s), if applicable

2. Item Description. Fully itemizes services and media for which you are being charged in this billing period. For more detailed information about specific slotted media or container items, click here. new document

3. Iron Mountain Contact Information. The phone number of an Iron Mountain Billing Representative who can answer your questions quickly and accurately.

4. Payment Information. Includes:

  • Invoice Number - put on your check if not enclosing the Remittance Advice with your payment
  • Due Date - the date your payment is due to Iron Mountain.
  • Your Payment Terms
  • Iron Mountain's Tax ID for your vendor systems, if applicable

If you would prefer to make your payment by credit card please visit our payment site at

5. Invoice Totals. The sum of all invoice charges, including taxes. For a more detailed explanation of weighted average price related to Vaulting charges, click here. new document

6. Remittance Advice. Detachable form summarizing key billing terms, dates, and identifiers and providing Iron Mountain mailing address for payment. Return Remittance Advice with your check.

[ Click Here to Enlarge Invoice ]