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Additional Services

In addition to the standard program services defined in your Pricing Schedule, the following additional services may be requested and will be charged based on current market pricing. Call Customer Response for more information.

Iron Mountain's Data Protection and Recovery services have the capability to offer a centralized program to monitor and test your media to ensure data integrity. The scope of the offering includes tape refreshing through a tape re-tensioning process, data conversion, duplication, tape destruction services, and recovery/reconstruction services for unreadable and damaged tape cartridges. Because Iron Mountain's Data Protection and Recovery services have a strict security policy that does not allow for any type of duplication equipment to be located within our vaults, all of these services are conducted at an off-site location. Iron Mountain helps reduce risk by utilizing the same secure end-to-end chain of custody in the transport of media for these services as for our normal tape vaulting services.

Disaster Recovery Support and Testing Services

Recent events have shown that disasters can be highly disruptive for organizations. Disasters can range from catastrophic events to simple data corruption events and can be complex, expensive and time consuming to overcome. No longer is it sufficient to merely have a disaster plan. Organizations need to regularly and frequently test their plans to ensure the continuity of business after a disaster. And in the event of an actual disaster, your company needs a true partner to get their data back online quickly and accurately.

Iron Mountain is unequaled in our ability to support your disaster recovery tests and actual events. We have assisted customers with more than 250 declared disasters and more than 25,000 disaster recovery tests for more than three decades. You gain access to the industry's leading experts in disaster recovery planning, testing and management.

  • Our facilities are strategically placed near all major hot sites, yet away from high-risk areas such as flood plains and earthquake zones
  • We manage secure, climate-controlled vaults and operations dedicated to magnetic media in over 55 U.S. markets and in over 183 markets in 34 countries and 5 continents.
  • Our transportation services have access to more than 900 vehicles customized for magnetic media transport and over 90 charter aircraft.